Director Operations

Director of Operations is a leadership role and the incumbent would be supporting the Growth Team on all operational aspects of the brand plans across marketplaces. The Director of Operations would work very closely with resellers and ensure that the reseller systems, processes and operations are in line with the brand growth strategy.

The incumbent would be working closely with the Planning and Growth team to harness the best GTM strategy for the brands like FBA, FBF, FK Smart, Seller Flex, to ensure that the brand TAT’s across any part of the country is within the acceptable limit. The incumbent would be responsible for all the FC operations and would interface with all the Warehouse partners. The incumbent is expected to be a Technology evangelist with a deep understanding & interest in aspects like WMS, OMS, Marketplace API’s, Data Analytics etc.


· Ensuring compliances at all the warehouses, people leadership, safety and risk assessment.

· Monitor and maintain brand and seller account health, ensuring correct items are set up, selling, and are in good standing on Amazon Marketplace.

· Upload and optimise product listings, content, visual assets, and conversion rates

· Daily reporting to ensure catalogue, inventory, and other key aspects of the account are in good standing.

· Track and analyse ASIN performance, rankings, ratings, and customer reviews

· Build actionable insights from marketplace data analytics that can be converted directly into strategy.

· Review competitor product listings to identify best practices, new product opportunities and areas in need of improvements.

· Monitor performance marketing and spends for keyword campaigns and product ads

· Analyse sales performance on a weekly basis, prepare internal reports / monitoring of daily run rate, glance view rate, conversion rate

· Stay abreast of all changes to the platform - make sure the company is poised to benefit from any feature/product/tool releases to improve productivities and bring growth opportunities

· Lead the eCommerce PL, driving to achieve top-line and bottom-line results by overseeing sales, budgets, and expenses to maximize ROI

· Develop and keep refining an AMS/PPC strategy to drive profitable growth, making sure customer acquisition costs fit within our product margin model.

· Coordinate with counterparts at Amazon to ensure all paid efforts are running smoothly with emphasis on ROI and manage products to include in Ads that align with company focus

· Review ROI on major promotions/initiatives

· Lead the creation of an annual budget based on sales plan and manage spending throughout the year to come in at or under budget.

· Take full ownership of a discount/promotional calendar, set up all promotions across all brands, analyze details at the item level for profitability, inventory availability, and sell through.

· Would be responsible to deliver on key metrics of OOS, Brand TAT, Opex, People Engagement, Marketplace Operational KPI’s


• At least 7-10 years of experience managing, coaching, mentoring, and leading a highly successful, globally distributed team in a multi-time zone environment.

• At least five years of experience in business operations and/or management consulting, developing and executing strategies, leveraging analytics and KPIs to inform decision-making and performance management.

• Strong analytical skills and ability to utilise forecasting tools to inform capacity planning and set priorities and strategic direction are mandatory.

• Track record of building strong, deep, long-lasting customer relationships.

• Proven ability to collaborate effectively and develop strong cross-functional relationships, especially with Operations and Sales functions

• Should be accustomed to working in a metrics-driven environment and success in developing methods to achieve KPI expectations.

• Ability to adapt to changing business priorities and environments.

Good to have: E-commerce experience, Tech friendly, Process Champion, People Leader, Self-aware, Collaborator, Service orientation.


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