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10club operates and grows e-commerce first businesses

Trust the process. Our brands outperform their competitors dramatically.

At 10club, we have developed a tried-and-tested model to quickly provide you with actionable insights on where your business stands today and how to take it forward.

After you get in touch with us, we will review your business, establish a valuation based on performance & potential and issue a Termsheet/LOI to confirm our interest.

After signing LOI, we will carry out due diligence and verification of financial statements and simultaneously undertake preparation of contracts and other agreements.

After the paperwork is signed by both parties, the funds will be transferred to you as the first upfront payout. As we work on your brand together you continue to receive a share of the profit moving forward. The duration of this procedure, from the beginning of data analysis till this stage, takes between 6 to 8 weeks.

After acquiring your business, we put it through an integration process - ushering it through diligence, creative, supply chain review and inventory optimisation.

After a smooth migration, we leverage data analysis and expert insights to scale your business and drive centralised efficiencies to benefit the entire value chain.

Data + Insights = Scale + Efficiency

Every business is unique, we respect that. While we plan for business growth, we go into the details individually while we leverage centralised efficiencies for high velocity.

We ensure great entrepreneurs and businesses reach even greater heights, and we do this at hyper velocity.

Great businesses are growing on the backs of e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and more. They get their foundational years right but find it difficult to scale, and understand that competition is hard to curb. That's where we step in, allowing you - the entrepreneurs - to enjoy an exit, participate in the rapid growth and benefit from years of hard work.

When you're ready, our team of world-class professionals will forge the route to a fair-market evaluation and offer. We only stand behind businesses and entrepreneurs we trust. Trust is important at 10club, because we will do all it takes to grow your business 10X, we need entrepreneurs who want to transcend with us.

We are a team of top notch professionals with diverse backgrounds and have scaled multiple technology first businesses around the world at a phenomenal velocity.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Our people, without question, are our secret to success.


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